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Silence on Race Statement

The Reform Jewish Community of Canada embraces equality and diversity in all aspects of Jewish Life. Jews of Colour are a part of our community among our rabbis, and cantors, congregational leadership, Camp George and among our affiliate organizations.

We are committed to learning from and working with No Silence on Race and others in striving to counter racism and ensure that the Reform Movement is inclusive of Jews of all backgrounds.

We will work together to develop concrete steps that we can take in our congregations and for our children and for our elders, to address systemic racism, unconscious bias, and discrimination.

As a movement, we stand for a Judaism that is inclusive and reflective of a wide range of identities and accept the responsibility of dismantling oppression both inside and outside of our communities.

Together may we engage in a deep and meaningful tikkun, may we work to heal and build a better world founded on deep respect for all human beings, created b'tzelem Elohim, in G-d’s image.

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