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Gayle A. Hoover Memorial Fund for Quality Adult Jewish Learning Across Canada
A Community of Communities


Gayle Hoover was a Jew because of London’s Temple Israel. Here she learned Judaism, converted, celebrated her adult Bat Mitzvah,and became a proud Reform Jew.  Even after moving to New York, she remained a Temple Israel member until the day she died. But Temple Israel of London is just one of many small to medium-sized Reform congregations spread widely across Canada. These less-than-large congregations, under-appreciated for their enormous contribution to Jewish life, are communities that have many Jews thirsting for knowledge.

In memory of Gayle and in collaboration with Gayle’s family, the Reform Jewish Community of Canada has launched a national adult learning program that will reach every Reform congregation in Canada – and even Reform Jews in communities where no congregation yet exists.  This program’s faculty are the combined Reform rabbis of all our congregations, along with the cantors and other experts in Judaica from, for example, Jewish Studies Departments in universities. Together, they will provide enriching adult virtual learning through a curriculum developed by the rabbis themselves.  In this way, anyone in Canada can learn from Jewish teachers and experts they might never have met. In addition, the program will host an annual shabbaton at a participating congregation, bringing together the community of adult learners who have benefited from their engagement throughout the year.

The program is sponsored by the RJCC, with the enthusiastic embrace of the Canadian Reform rabbis.  It will be coordinated by a part-time administrator. 

The RJCC has established a fund to make the program an ongoing reality. This will support a part-time administrator and the annual learning shabbaton.  We expect modest donations to be made by participants and/or participating congregations, and foresee a program that engages adult learners across Canada. Through their regular participation and attendance at the annual shabbaton, they will become a national community of learners.

Your support for the program can be made through donations to the RJCC or the URJ.  Multi-year pledges can be arranged.  Donors will receive a charitable receipt for the value of their donation.

Please contact Pekka Sinervo, C.M. at for more information about the program and how to make a gift, or visit our DONATION PAGE.

Click here to listen to the project recordings

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