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Bar Mitzvah Boy


The programs and services offered within the Reform Jewish Community of Canada are described in more detail below:

Toronto Community Mikvah 
The Reform Mikvah of Greater Toronto is the only mikvah serving the needs of the Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and other liberal Jewish communities in our city. In light of the controversy around non-Orthodox mikvaot in Israel, we thought it important to bring to light the vibrancy of our beautiful mikvah, located within the North Campus of the Leo Baeck Day School.   For more information and to book a visit, contact the Administrator at 

Reform Mohalim of Greater Toronto 
Brit milah is the ceremony in which a newborn Jewish baby boy is brought into the covenant through the ritual of circumcision on the eighth day of life. The circumcision is done by an individual called a mohel. The Reform Mohalim of Greater Toronto consists of a group of physicians who have been certified to perform brit milah by the Brit Milah Board of Reform Judaism. The mohalim practice independently, in collaboration with the Reform Rabbis of Greater Toronto. Although many of our families are members of Reform, Reconstructionist, or Conservative congregations, approximately half are unaffiliated Jews. For more information, please contact:

Get (Jewish Divorce) 
The Reform Rabbis of Canada provide Gittin (divorces) for individuals who have completed civil divorce proceedings. The Reform Rabbis of Greater Toronto require a Get in order to perform a subsequent wedding. For more information please contact

Gayle A. Hoover Memorial Fund for Adult Learning 

In memory of Gayle and in collaboration with Gayle’s family, contributions to this fund support a national adult learning program that will reach every Reform congregation in Canada – and even Reform Jews in communities where no congregation yet exists.  This program’s faculty are the combined Reform rabbis of all our congregations, along with the cantors and other experts in Judaica from, for example, Jewish Studies Departments in universities. Together, they will provide enriching adult virtual learning through a curriculum developed by the rabbis themselves.  In this way, anyone in Canada can learn from Jewish teachers and experts they might never have met. In addition, the program will host an annual shabbaton at a participating congregation, bringing together the community of adult learners who have benefited from their engagement throughout the year.

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