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The Reform Jewish Community of Canada (RJCC) is the national organization whose mandate is to grow and strengthen the Canadian Reform Community by supporting its 25 member congregations and collaborating with affiliate organizations. ​Our leadership is comprised of Canadians representing congregations across Canada, from Vancouver on the West Coast, all the way to Montreal in Quebec. The Reform Jewish Community of Canada helps congregations and communities stay adept and agile, which enables them to proactively meet members' needs and expand the ways in which people live Jewishly.  Just as Jews across Canada find belonging and connection in congregations, so too do congregations find support and community in the RJCC. Joining the RJCC places your congregation within a committed, progressive network with access to resources, experts, and leadership development to keep your congregation innovative and relevant. To take a look at our full list of congregations, please click on the blue button below. 

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