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Formerly the Canadian Council for Reform Judaism, the Reform Jewish Community of Canada provides vision and voice to build strong communities that, together, transform the way people connect to Judaism and change the world. Our legacy, reach, leadership, and vision ensure we can unite thousands of years of tradition with modern experience to strengthen Judaism today and for generations to come. More than 30,000 Canadians are affiliated with 25 Reform congregations across Canada who are also members of the North American Reform community which has at its core the 850-congregation strong Union for Reform Judaism, or URJ.

RJCC’s Key Roles: 

A. Convene and connect, creating opportunities to bring stakeholders together to network with, learn from and take action with each other.   

B. Facilitate access to internal and external resources and expertise. 

C. Represent the Canadian Reform Community on national issues to external stakeholders including national Jewish organizations.   

D. Fundraise for national Canadian Reform Community initiatives including securing special project donations and endowments to support implementation of national priorities.   

E. Steward the necessary legal, governance, financial and organizational activities required to operate the RJCC and the RJCC Pension Plan. 

F. Carry out communications, research, consultation, documentation and administrative support to enable the above activities. 

The Canadian Reform Community offers: 
  • Opportunities to be involved in social action and social justice. We don't merely talk the talk: we walk the walk! Examples of our activism are everywhere. We have taken a leadership role in responding to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. More than half of Canada's Reform congregations have been involved in private sponsorships of families and raising half a million dollars to support this effort. We have also been involved in numerous programming initiatives to help with reconciliation awareness with our First Nations communities. 

  • A range of congregations across the country. The Reform Community is all about our congregations -- older congregations like Toronto's Holy Blossom, one of the largest in North America and Kolot Mayim in Victoria, the oldest congregation in Canada and one of the smallest. Congregations that have their own practices and cultures that fit within their communities. By working together collaboratively at the congregational level and between congregations, we work to make stronger congregations, engage our youth, pursue social justice and engage in what we call audacious hospitality. 

  • Membership in professional associations and employee pension programs for its clergy, educators, and other professionals. 

  • A reform Jewish overnight camp that is part of a network of Reform Jewish camps across North America. 

  • A network of temple youth groups for Jewish teenagers in grades six through 12.

  • Travel, study, and work programs in Israel for Jewish teenagers and young adults. 

  • National, regional, and local leadership development conferences and events for teens and adults. 

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