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Canadian Reform Jewish Leaders Respond to Israeli Election Results

As Canadian Reform Jews, we affirm Israel’s robust democracy, reflected in the more than 71% turnout for the fifth election in four years. Our commitment to progressive Zionism is unwavering. We love Israel and are committed to the vision of Israel as a democratic, pluralistic Jewish state. At these early stages of forming a government, we are profoundly concerned about Israel’s democracy being jeopardized by the makeup of a new coalition that includes extremist parties. We are distressed about the authority of Israel’s Supreme Court potentially being curtailed. Further, the radical comments of leaders of the far right lead us to have deep worries about our rights as Reform Jews as well as the rights of Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, members of the LGBTQ+ community and large segments of Jews who are non-Orthodox. Nevertheless, we cannot give up on Israel and the fulfillment of our 2000-year-old dream.

Read the full letter here:

Statement on Israeli Elections November 8 2022 (002)
Download PDF • 177KB

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