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Canadian Brit Olam

The Reform Jewish Community of Canada committed to meeting the urgency of now with moral leadership through congregational and community-based action. This version of the Brit Olam has been adapted for URJ congregations in Canada. The Brit Olam discusses the actions that congregational leadership have agreed to undertake such as: ​

  • Fostering a culture of sacred and civil dialogue in our congregation where all opinions are heard. 

  • Acting in solidarity with vulnerable communities. 

  • Building relationships across lines of difference in our local community. 

  • Acting at the local, provincial, and/or federal levels to address the root causes of injustice and advocate for systemic change. 

  • Participating in one of the National Social Action Committee’s (NSAC) camps. 

The Religious Action Centre and the National Social Action Committee, in turn, commit to providing congregations with: 

  • Training and resources for your leaders to cultivate and deepen the skills necessary to move your congregation into effective action.  

  • Access to a network of leaders from diverse URJ congregations looking to discuss strategies for success.  

  • Ongoing communication to support your congregation’s social justice work.

Read about our resolution on First Nations. 

Read about our resolution on the response to the global refugee crisis. 

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